Thursday, September 15, 2016

Game mechanic ideas

1. Cloack time peace. Allows player to become invisible for a short period of time. Vulnerability from ennemy bullets and projectiles is dramatically increased. Requires an X amount of time to reacharge, can only be used once fully recharged.
2. Speed Boots- gives the player a speed boost for a very short period of time, damaging the player. Useful for escaping from potentially fatal situations.
3.Jet Pack: can be used as an air transport vehicle, increases the damage from enemy bullets / projectiles to the player. Player can recharge it via special pickups.
4. Deflector shield : Creates a shield that deflects ennemy bullets and projectiles from the player, uses player's health as an energy source.
5. Chest armor- allows player to move through all static geometry (exept ground)
6. Radioactive chest armor- if activated, will give damage to all ennemies within an x radius. Can only be used once and has to be recharged via pickups.
7. Thrust backpack- increases players speed by 200%. Can only be used for 5 seconds, if player uses it for all 5 seconds, he will be given the penalty of reduced speed for an x amount of time.
8. Stealth Helmet- gives the player ability to see through walls for a given period of time. For balance purposes, the player will go blind for 0.5 seconds for every second of it's use. The X ray vision can only be sustained for 4 seconds, if fully used, the player will lose proper vision for 4 seconds.
9. Backpack ennemy radar- Highlights enemies within an x radius to the player. Can only be used for 3 seconds at a time and has to be recharged via piackups. For each second of use, the player will recieve X amount of damage.
10. Guided missile rocket launcher- upon firing, player has the ability to guide the missile with a laser pointer. Carrying it slows down the player.