Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Character sculpt


High Poly character sculpt for 3D class. All clothing sculpted manually in zBrush.

Grey box VS Alpha

 So I've decided to go ahead and post comparison pics of the racing level at the grey box stage vs alpha which we had around 3 weeks to complete. Those screenshots demonstrate some of the different environments that can be raced through in level, but not all of them.

Assets, lighting, set dressing and a lot more need to be worked on, but right now to make to the map size and content and time limit, I had to cut down to what is currently seen within those screenshots. The vast majority of assets are just bland color maps with no advanced material functions.
This is still in a WIP stage and I hope the final versions will see the daylight later on.

 PS: During this phase I decided to challenge myself and create all of the assets seen (except for the coastline rocks) for this island environment, however still feel like I haven't given it 100% as a lot of things couldve been done in more oprimal ways

Friday, April 1, 2016

HUD mock up

Here is the race game HUD mock up that we were required to come up with for the programming class.