Monday, February 8, 2016

Thoughts and ideas for the racing track

Car concept:

So we've been assigned to come up with interesting ideas for an individual racing track for our future racing game level.

My idea of the track and environment is such:

The track itself  is located on industrial island which was used for storage and as a "middleman" for important shipping containers (some of them are can contain cool Easter eggs) and boat gear.

I'd like the weather setting to be set overcast with slightly colder tones. From the sea part of the map there will be a storm seen in the distance. It's not decided yet, if the storm itself will approach the playable area to actually affect the visuals & game play, but it would definitely be awesome. If this will be possible with (with custom materials and particles) then it could affect the game play (just like Levolution in Battlefield 4) in different ways. The easiest one that could be implemented would be the fog change that obviously will affect visibility.

2/4's of the island will be turned towards a large wasteland which won't require that much work in my opinion since it won't be accessible.

Here is a quick map made in Photoshop:

Color Palette intended to be used (subject to change):

Here are the reference pictures:


The industrial part & coastline:

Storm / Sea with incoming storm:


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