Thursday, November 10, 2016

Puzzle analysis

The puzzle that I wanted to analyze was from the game called Doom. The puzzle was pretty straight forward. Essentially to proceed further into the level the player must unlock a gate and to do that a blue pass is required. As you wander around you notice a crack in the cliff through which a corpse can be seen. Its highlighted with the same blue color as the gate message letting the player know that it might have the pass that's needed to unlock the gate. as you proceed further  the set dressing helps facilitate path taking decisions for the player. Once you get there and pick up the card, you are required to come back to unlock the door.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Game mechanic ideas

1. Cloack time peace. Allows player to become invisible for a short period of time. Vulnerability from ennemy bullets and projectiles is dramatically increased. Requires an X amount of time to reacharge, can only be used once fully recharged.
2. Speed Boots- gives the player a speed boost for a very short period of time, damaging the player. Useful for escaping from potentially fatal situations.
3.Jet Pack: can be used as an air transport vehicle, increases the damage from enemy bullets / projectiles to the player. Player can recharge it via special pickups.
4. Deflector shield : Creates a shield that deflects ennemy bullets and projectiles from the player, uses player's health as an energy source.
5. Chest armor- allows player to move through all static geometry (exept ground)
6. Radioactive chest armor- if activated, will give damage to all ennemies within an x radius. Can only be used once and has to be recharged via pickups.
7. Thrust backpack- increases players speed by 200%. Can only be used for 5 seconds, if player uses it for all 5 seconds, he will be given the penalty of reduced speed for an x amount of time.
8. Stealth Helmet- gives the player ability to see through walls for a given period of time. For balance purposes, the player will go blind for 0.5 seconds for every second of it's use. The X ray vision can only be sustained for 4 seconds, if fully used, the player will lose proper vision for 4 seconds.
9. Backpack ennemy radar- Highlights enemies within an x radius to the player. Can only be used for 3 seconds at a time and has to be recharged via piackups. For each second of use, the player will recieve X amount of damage.
10. Guided missile rocket launcher- upon firing, player has the ability to guide the missile with a laser pointer. Carrying it slows down the player.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Baroque environment WIP

Something Im working on here and there to practice a bit, might finish this thing one day

Responsible for everything, except the skeleton models.
Most stuff was textured in substance painter or designer procedurally, all assets from the same families share re-usable bit maps and one master material with most parameters exposed

Friday, July 1, 2016

Creature study

Decided to get my feet wet with some creature creation. This is quick sculpt to mess around. The general shapes and silhouette could be better, but w/e, the next one will be better:

    Single texture pass & final render:


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Character sculpt


High Poly character sculpt for 3D class. All clothing sculpted manually in zBrush.

Grey box VS Alpha

 So I've decided to go ahead and post comparison pics of the racing level at the grey box stage vs alpha which we had around 3 weeks to complete. Those screenshots demonstrate some of the different environments that can be raced through in level, but not all of them.

Assets, lighting, set dressing and a lot more need to be worked on, but right now to make to the map size and content and time limit, I had to cut down to what is currently seen within those screenshots. The vast majority of assets are just bland color maps with no advanced material functions.
This is still in a WIP stage and I hope the final versions will see the daylight later on.

 PS: During this phase I decided to challenge myself and create all of the assets seen (except for the coastline rocks) for this island environment, however still feel like I haven't given it 100% as a lot of things couldve been done in more oprimal ways

Friday, April 1, 2016

HUD mock up

Here is the race game HUD mock up that we were required to come up with for the programming class.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Storm particles

Here are the storm and rain particles for my racing level which is currently still in the grey box stage.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Research on our own custom particle system

My race track level has some weather effects and the only way to accomplish them optimally is via particle systems.

The main one is the rain particle which will play all throughout the level. If I manage to create more quality particles to look at and entertain the player, I will make the rain start later on in the level (after a certain time limit, kind of like in Battlefield 4: Paracel storm. Can be accomplished through level blueprints).

When I first thought of doing the rain, the first idea that came to mind is that the particles should refract the world behind it to in order to look great, however after thinking of other video games and how they accomplished this weather effect I came to realize that this isn't the best idea. The particle would turn out barely visible (the player would only notice a handful of drops out of total ~1,5 k rendered GPU particles) and would be much more expensive.

Here is a real world example:

Observing how other games accomplished it, I decided to pull out something similar with a personal touch:

Tomb Raider (starts at around 1:18):

Battlefield 4 (starts at around 2:00 mark):

Team fortress 2 (Different art style, but as you can see the idea behind the particle system is still the same):

Basically the particle system has to contain at least 2 emitters: 1 for the rain particles themselves and 1 for the falling mist to accentuate the storm effects. Both have to be GPU for optimal overall performance.

For optimal performance I think it will be a good idea to attach the particle system to the client player and make it follow through the level, much rather than strategically placing the particle system all throughout the level and have them play all at once. There also an idea of placing a box collision within the rain blueprint, so that whenever it will collide with any objects above it , the rain particle will stop temporarily. In other words, the Blueprint will always check weather or not the player is below a big object (e.g. a rooftop) .

Monday, February 8, 2016

Thoughts and ideas for the racing track

Car concept:

So we've been assigned to come up with interesting ideas for an individual racing track for our future racing game level.

My idea of the track and environment is such:

The track itself  is located on industrial island which was used for storage and as a "middleman" for important shipping containers (some of them are can contain cool Easter eggs) and boat gear.

I'd like the weather setting to be set overcast with slightly colder tones. From the sea part of the map there will be a storm seen in the distance. It's not decided yet, if the storm itself will approach the playable area to actually affect the visuals & game play, but it would definitely be awesome. If this will be possible with (with custom materials and particles) then it could affect the game play (just like Levolution in Battlefield 4) in different ways. The easiest one that could be implemented would be the fog change that obviously will affect visibility.

2/4's of the island will be turned towards a large wasteland which won't require that much work in my opinion since it won't be accessible.

Here is a quick map made in Photoshop:

Color Palette intended to be used (subject to change):

Here are the reference pictures:


The industrial part & coastline:

Storm / Sea with incoming storm:


Friday, January 29, 2016

Level for programming

For the programming class we were tasked to create level which will revolve around challenging the player with spiky block traps. I tried making this level balanced and decently aesthetically pleasing for the time that we were given. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Level layout

As the first assignment of this spring semester, we were task to design a level layout for a Mario themed 2-D platformer game . As a fan of atmospheric games, I decided to choose a more of ahorror theme for this level. 

For the introduction phase the player will start out in a forest / cliff area and enter a mansion where he will get trapped and be forced with a series of challenging tasks and goals that he will need to accomplish in order to succeed:

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tutorial level analysis of Vector

Vector is mainly a smartphone game that first appeared on App Store in 2011.  I chose this game this game because not only it's a great game, but it's relevant to the current popularity of the mobile game market.

Tutorial level breakdown:

The tutorial level is pretty basic and easy to complete. It introduces the player basic movements and items.
As the level starts, the player quickly sprints through a corridor and jumps through an office window whilst being chased by an armored police guard. This opening sequence is very important as it sets up the pace and mood that will be consistent throughout the game.

As the level continues, the player gets introduced to movement tutorials while running from a rooftop to the next and voiding different obstacles. The developers made occasional pop ups for movement tutorials, because smartphone commands are given by finger movements, it gives a lot of room for interpretation to the player, so it would be pretty hard for the player alone to figure out what the game controls are.

The player needs to perform those movements in order to proceed through the level.

The player gets introduced to the pick ups a bit later. In this level those pick ups are generally very easy to get as the player still learns the value of different types of pick ups.

Towards the end of the level, the player gets shown more advanced movements that he needs to perform in order to finish the level.

The tutorial gameplay starts at 0:08